Frequently Asked Questions About Financing

Acceptable Forms of Identification

Driver's License - Must contain photograph and signature - Issued by a state, district, commonwealth, or territory of the U.S. X X
Driver's License (Temporary) - Must contain photograph and signature - Issued by a state, district, commonwealth, or territory of the U.S. X X
Driver's Learner's Permit - Must contain photograph and signature - Issued by a state, district, commonwealth, or territory of the U.S. X X
Non-Driver Indentification Card - Must contain photograph and signature - Issued by a state, district, commonwealth, or territory of the U.S. X X
Bank Statement - Must be original and issued within the last 2 months. X
Marriage or Divorce Certificate - Must contain raised seal. X
Certified Birth Ceritficate - Must contain raised seal. X
CT, NJ, NY, or PA State Benefits Identification Card - State issued document for welfare, Medicaid, or food stamp recipients. X
Employer ID Card - Employment must also be independently verified (Original pay stub, phone call, on-site visit). X
Federal, State or Local Goverement Identification Card - Must contain photograph- Issued to government employees. X
Major Credit Card - Only American Express, Diners Club, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa. X
Debit Card - Only Visa or Mastercard endorsed debit cards are acceptable. X
Store Issued Credit Cards - Examples Home Depot, Lowes, Belk. X
Pistol or Firearms Permit, Hunting/Fishing License - Issued by State Government. X
Senior Citizen Card-Must contain a photograph. Issued by a state or local government. X
U.S. College/University Photo Identification Card AND Proof of Current Enrollment-This I.D is acceptable for current students only. X
Utility Bill-Must be original and issued by telephone, gas, electric or cable company within the last 2 months. X
U.S. Passport- Must be valid. X X
U.S Armed Forces Identification Card - with signature. X X
Certified Certificate of Citizenship - Must contain raised seal. X
Certified Certificate of Naturalization - Must contain raised seal. X
Local Government I.D. Card - Must contain photo (state/county/sheriff photo ID Card). X
Medicaid/Medicare Card - This is a state issued document which does not contain a photo. X
U.S Armed Forces Identification Card - WITHOUT signature. X
U.S Citizen Identification Card - Must contain photo, issued by U.S government to U.S Citizens, native born and naturalized. X
Veterans Universal Access and Identification Card (VIC) - Must contain photo. Issued to veteran patients receiving care and services at Veteran Affairs healthcare facilities. X
Alien Registration Card (Green Card) - Must contain photograph, issued by U.S Government. X X
Foreign Passport with A Valid I-551 stamp - Passport must be in English language or be accompanied by a certified translation. X X
Permanment Resident Card - Must contain photograph, issued by U.S Government. X X
Refugee Travel Document - Also known as I-571 X X
Ceritificate of Canadian Citizenship - Must contain photograph. Identity card issued by Canadian government proving Canadian Citizenship. X
Foreign Drivers License - Must contain photograph. Issued by foreign government. X
Foreign National Identity Card - Must contain photograph. Identity card issued by foreign country. X
Temporary Resident Card - Must contain photograph - Issued by U.S. government to non-U.S citizens which entitles the holder to resIde and work in the U.S until expiration date. X
U.S Employment Authorization Card - Must contain photograph - Issued to non-U.S citizens allowing them to work in the U.S. X

What will my payments be?

Payments are determined upon application approval. Our team will look at the best options with 0% interest and see what the best options are available to offer.

Example options
Financing 0% for 18 months for a $1800 item= $100 monthly

Financing 0% for 54 months for a $5000 item= $92.59 monthly

Financing 0% for 48 months for a $2800 item= $58.33 monthly

Financing 0% for 18 months for a $725 item= $40.28 monthly

How does your financing options work?

Once you apply for financing, we will process your application within 24-48 business hours (usually same day). A finance rep. will contact you within the 24-48 hour period by EMAIL, TEXT, or PHONE with the information you provide to discuss our BEST available finance options and payment plans for the product you're interested in financing.

What Financing options do you offer?

We offer traditional financing using the credit system, and also we offer No Credit Needed financing.

What are your rates?

We offer 0% Interest up to 18 months.
We offer variable interest up to 36 months.
We will offer the best available to the applicant.

What is the No Credit Needed Option?

The no credit needed is an option that any applicant can be approved whether good or bad credit with 0% interest as well. It is based on the application you submit. Minimum requirements needed is valid checking account, deposits of a minimum of $1000 in the account, and no overdraft fees or bad banking transactions.

Do you accept all bank accounts with the No credit needed option?

Any bank that is considered a Brick and Mortar bank and or national banks are accepted, prepaid card bank accounts are not accepted due to not being a legitimate FDIC bank.

Will this affect my credit score?

We do run a credit check on every applicant so it will affect your credit score.

Can I apply by phone?

No, due to applicants personal information, we can only accept applications in store or online on our secure website.

What does my credit score need to be?

We accept ALL credit scores. Everyone can apply. In financing generally, the higher the score the better your terms will be. However in our financing it is not all about the credit score.

Will your financing help my credit?

Absolutely!! You will be reported to the credit bureaus, and we have a lot of customers who say we helped their credit tremendously!!

Can I make extra payments?

Yes! You will want to make extra payments to pay your balance off before your deadline.

Are there any fees?

We do not charge fees. However dependent on the applicant, certain contracts may require a setup/processing fee.

Is there any money down?

We require no money down. If you go over your limit, you will have to put money down for the difference. Some finance companies may want an initial payment up front.

I see you offer a no credit check?

We DO NOT advertise or offer a No Credit Check financing!!!! This is confused a lot by our applicants, We advertise and offer the NO CREDIT NEEDED option. Meaning you don't need credit to get approved.

Do you check credit?

Yes on every applicant we check credit. The credit check is to check your credit and also match your application with your credit profile.

I applied a couple of days ago and haven't heard anything?

Once you submit your application to our finance dept., you will instantly get a copy of your application sent to the email you submitted on your application to verify your submission. (Check spam folder) If you have not received an email then we didn't get your application and there is a problem with your application or email and you will have to Re-apply with the correct information.

When I applied I submitted the wrong information or mistyped it. How can I fix that?

Once you submit an application you must agree that it is true and verifiable before submitting. However once submitted we can not change any information you submit. You can contact finance dept and request to cancel that application and resubmit a new application with correct information.

I have not heard anything and my application was correct?

It takes 24-48 hrs to process applications, if you haven't heard anything yet they may still be working your application. Please keep an eye out for an email or call/text from our store. We must contact you no matter the outcome of your application status.

I forgot to pay it off in time. What can I do?

This is understandable. We all forget things from time to time. We will suggest contacting the finance company you're working with and discuss the options available to keep the good terms up!

What is my interest rate?

We always offer 0% interest financing options. Some applicants may not qualify for 0% interest and get other options with interest. However, Most of our applicants will be guaranteed 0% terms.

I am filling out the application and I don't really want to put my personal information online?

No problem! You can just drop by store and submit your application in person. Our website is encrypted to be secure due to the private information that is being submitted.

Do you only offer financing to local residents?

We can accept applications from anyone in the lower 48 states.

I am 4 hrs away. How can you finance me?

No worries! We can finance you and get your products to you by delivery or shipping!

Do you offer in-house financing?

We do not offer “In-house financing”. We do offer similar financing that is almost the same but with a certain finance company to accomplish the same thing.

I was contacted by a finance company asking for the same information I submitted on my application!

That is possible. They are verifying that you are that person and the information is correct. Please respond accordingly. Our store will contact you once that finance company completes the process to discuss possibly their financing options.

I was approved. What should I do?

Congratulations on the approval. You will be contacted if not already by email, phone/text from our finance department for the next steps to take in order to complete the process!

Finance company emailed me or called and said I was approved, what do I do now?

That's good news. When you are notified by them, we are being notified by them as well!! Please be patient while we continue communicating with that finance company on the final steps with that approval to see what the next steps are in order to complete the process. Our finance team is working to gather everything to finalize documents and processing for you. A representative from our store must and will contact you by email, phone/text to explain the next step using that company to make this easy.

I was denied and you advertised No Credit Needed and that is false advertising?

We advertise any and all the financing options we offer. We don't offer guaranteed financing, however we do have a 95% approval rate. There is a number of reasons why you may be denied and here is a list of the few reasons - wrong income, wrong banking account number, wrong name, minimum requirements not met, application errors and more.

Do you offer Guaranteed financing?

We wish we could but we do not offer guaranteed financing. Our approval rate is 95%, so we almost can guarantee it.

I was approved first and now denied why is that?

If you were approved and then overturned to now being denied it means something in the application process is coming back that was not correct, it could be a reporting error by employer, bank, etc… You can request the reason why from our finance dept.

I was denied can I apply again?

Yes, if you were denied financing from our store. Do not be upset, you can re-apply in 30 days. We have great success with applicants re-applying in 30 days since their first denial.

What can I finance?

Anything and everything is allowed that we sell!

Can I buy from somewhere else using your financing?

No you are only allowed to use our financing with our store. Non Transferable.

Can I buy from elsewhere using your financing?

No you are only allowed to use our financing with our store. Non Transferable.

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